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What we do

The Public Service Pension Trust Fund (PSPTF) is a stand-alone Contributory Pension Scheme for Public Servants. PSPTF was set up in accordance with the Pension Act (CAP 55:02) and is managed by an independent Board of Trustees. The Fund was established to provide retirement and pension benefits to public servants upon reaching the mandatory retirement age of 60. The Pensions Act mandates employers in the country to have a pension scheme for their employees. PSPTF started operating on 1st July, 2017 and was licensed on 10th July, 2018 by the Registrar of Financial Institutions (Reserve Bank of Malawi).

Pension and Benefits Administration

As an employee, a member contributes 5% of their monthly salary and the employer (Malawi Government) contributes 10%. The funds are deposited into the member's pension account and funds are disbursed upon retirement or death (through beneficiaries).

Fund Management

Once pension contributions are received, they are invested through Fund Managers who act upon instruction from the Board of Trustees to invest on behalf of the Fund. The income from these investments is allocated to members’ pension accounts so that the money grows for optimal retirement benefits.

Your Partner In Retirement.

We are committed to delivering efficient service and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the Fund. Take a step and be part of the process! Monitor the progress of your pension account.

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