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The Public Service Pension Trust Fund (PSPTF) is a contributory pension fund for all public servants who were born on 1st January, 1982 and thereafter and also all newly recruited Public servants from 1st July, 2019 regardless of age. It was established to comply with the requirement of the Pensions Act (CAP55:02) which mandates employers to have a pension fund for their employees.

The Fund is managed by a Board of trustees who represent both the employer (Malawi Government) and employees (actual members of the Scheme). It also has a Secretariat that is headed by the Principal Officer and carries out day to day operations and reports to the Board of Trustees quarterly.

How It Works

Employee contributes 5% of salary into the Fund each month. This is credited in the member’s individual pension account.

Malawi Government pays an amount equal to 10% of employee’s salary into the fund. This is also credited in the member’s individual pension account.

Malawi Government also pays for the administration costs of the fund as well as the Life Assurance premiums for death cover.

Members credit (contributions plus bonuses) plus employer credit (contributions plus bonuses) equals the Accumulated Credit in a member’s individual account

Both employee contribution and employer contributions are invested on the financial market. The net return made from investments is added to your Member individual pension account.

Your Partner In Retirement.

We are committed to delivering high-quality services and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the fund. Whether you are a current or former member, a retiree, or an employer, we are here to help you achieve your retirement goals. Contact us today to learn more about our plans, programs, and resources.

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